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people.  Really.  The island was first populated by cats when she first arrived.

 . . .

Does anyone else think she's screwing with us?  That she found out about the diary entries we, ah-hem, appropriated and left this page lying about as some sort of odd prank?  There doesn't seem to be anything else of interest on this page aside from the anthropomorphic kitties.

For those of you who missed the first batch of diary entries:

Entry 1. Day, time, year unknown.

I woke in a strange place today, with nothing but the clothes on my back and this journal set beside me. There was no one else here, and my head hurt whenever I tried to remember what happened.

I suppose I ought to do something more useful than sitting here writing, but, then, what else can I do? No people. No houses. Nothing is here. I almost wonder if someone...

No, that’s not possible. The only thing that hurts is my head.

Maybe I should look for food, or build a shelter, or something. If I can remember what kinds of plants are edible, anyway... Then again, if I die, I’m not really going to realize anything, right?

Entry two. April 26, year one.

Memento Eden. That is where I am, apparently, not that it helps me much. It doesn’t ring any bells, but I still don’t remember anything, so I suppose it makes no difference. Aside from the lack of any signs of civilization, it’s not a bad place. The air is clean and pure, the weather is mild – though I guess that’s just because it’s April right now – and I found many fruits yesterday.

Ah, right, the date...

I saw people when I woke today, though I don’t really know if I can call them 'people.' I don’t think they were human, at least. There were two, both cloaked and hooded, who beckoned to me to follow. After telling me the date and location, they refused to answer any of my questions, saying only that they were taking me to their masters.

The masters were... are... children. At least, I thought they were, a silvery, glowing pair of twins. They told me that they were Memento and Eden, the creators of this place, and that it was a sanctuary for those who despaired. I suppose that meant I was one of those, then. It’s strange to think of it in such a detached way, but if I can’t remember, there is nothing to get attached to.

They offered to let me stay, to let me establish my own world here, if I could promise not to seek those lost memories. Perhaps it was their presence – or perhaps I would just like to think so – but I took the coward’s path and agreed. I don’t know what will happen to the people I must have known back home, I really don’t, and I am afraid of staying here, but... I am more afraid of returning. In either case, the choice is made. I can’t turn back now.

Entry three. April 30, year one.

A town sprung up overnight. A whole, entire town. It’s not very large or fancy, and there aren’t many people, but... a town! I fell asleep in the forest and woke up in a bed, and, when I looked outside, there were buildings. I was in one, too. It doesn’t seem like it could be possible, but it really is.

'A sanctuary for those who despaired', huh. I wonder if the people outside are such?

Public Service Announcement:
It has been brought to my attention that the shopkeepers of Memento Eden are, and have always been, winged humanoid cats.  I did not know this despite playing here for a year and a half.  So I suspect a lot of other people do not know this, either.  Apologies for any confusion.  Please disregard this post unless you wish to discuss the other journal entries.  Thanks!
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