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((Just as a clarification, Klarth has not remembered any magic theory but is reciting verbatim from a few of the books in the library. He figures no one will know enough to point this out. Much to his frustration, he can remember nothing about the loads of magic theory he feels he ought to know, hence the direct contradiction to the events of his canon.))

[another poor excuse for anyone to openly sticky]

Ah . . . Good morning . . . everyone . . . *yawn*

First things first . . . if the weather does not permit, we shall meet in our assigned classroom. Otherwise, I intend to meet in this space as often as possible due to spacial constraints. If you have any complaints, you may speak to me after class . . .

This semester, we will be starting off with a short mini-lecture on the basis of magical invocation, as it will be vital to the success of our, ahh . . . handicrafts project that most certainly falls under the scope of Home Economics. In particular, it is of the utmost importance that you have a basic understanding of the fundamental law of magic: namely, that such energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but must be taken from a source and returned to the same source once utilized. Whether this falls under the title of mana, ether, qi, quintessence, etc. is unimportant, as is the source from which it is drawn. Some have the gift of harboring such a reservoir within them, but that is unrelated to the scope of this class.

Now as I understand that this material will be foreign to many of you, I have taken the liberty of scribing the most essential portions for you to browse when you have the time. You'd better read it well.  It took all night.  I will be taking attendance as I . . . as I hand . . . them . . .

. . .

Why are you all holding hands?
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