Jul. 5th, 2009 06:46 am
fightingofthespirit: (Really?)

A ball, huh . . . ?  Seems like it's all anyone's taking about these days.  Guess people'll grab at whatever little bit of excitement they can get.

These sort of events aren't really the sort of thing I'd normally be interested in, but the rewards sound pretty nice.  I'd rather not go alone if I can help it, though -- Any takers?  So long as you're female, above the age of 18, and preferably human-esque, I'm not too picky at this point.  Most of you've probably made plans already.

[filtered to Terra]
 . . .

 . . .

 . . . Uh.  Terra.  I-If you don't mind my asking.  And if no one else has asked you already.  Also if you're not busy.  And if it happens that you might possibly feel like it.  Also . . .

Huh.  Hang on, I had a speech or something along those lines memorized, but I seem to have forgotten it somewhere in my brain.  That doesn't really make sense.  Forgotten it somewhere.

That is.

Ah-hem.  Would you care to go to the ball with me?

((Klarth is not at all in his usual spirits for some unknown reason.  Feel free to notice.  I am aware that Terra has already made plans.  I think.))

fightingofthespirit: (. . . Eeps.)

Right. Completely forgot about this in all the excitement. Can't really blame a fellow, you know. . . . Have classes ended yet? No? Well, then, I'll be in first thing tomorrow. You haven't all been coming and waiting for me to show up everyday, have you?

Anyway, your final exam projects were due . . . about three weeks ago, I believe.  No more extensions for anyone else who forgot; I think you've all had plenty of time. Since I haven't seen any cookie sheets placed conveniently outside my doorway, I assume none of you went in for the obvious approach.

On a separate note, has Professor Itoshiki taken ill lately?
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In light of recent events that may or may not have happened, in addition to complaints I may or may not be receiving, we will be changing the focus of our class temporarily to self-defense! These classes will be optional. If you feel you are capable of looking after yourself, I shall not hold you to attendance, though I request that you prove it to me in some way or another.

A pre-lesson, if you will: if you ever find yourself in a dangerous position, you must use any and all resources you have. For instance -- a pencil! Your backpack! Or even, a heavy book! Bring an item you believe may be used as a weapon to the next class!


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