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[private, hackable to friends]
Cless Alvein.  Mint Adnade.  Arche Klaine.

And with these names, faces and a memory.  A young man, blonde, dressed in gleaming white armor and a red cloak.  He is kneeling, smiling encouragingly to the girl lying at his feet, the two of them before a massive tree, so large that its branches seem to fill up the entire sky.  She wears the cap of a healer, a jewel-tipped staff held in her hands as tears run down her face.  All branches of magic are forbidden to the full-blooded human, but nonetheless, the staff glows with power, and I am convinced that she has just performed a miracle.  A short distance away is an elf -- she claps her hands together as she stares at the tree, bouncing atop a broomstick hovering 6 feet in the air.  A stereotypical image of a witch, but she is far too cheerful.  Her hair is a ridiculous shade of pink.

I stare in awe at the tree as well, a book lying open in my hands.  Not one of my summoning tools -- The page lies open to a sketch of the tree in question.  And a name.  Yggdrasil.

These . . . I suppose they were my friends.

I appear to have received yet another ring as my 'item from home'.  Fair enough, I suppose, though this one appears to be quite a bit different.  It might just be a ring.  Nothing special about it at --

[There is a sudden whoosh sound and an outraged cry following immediately after.]

AAAAAAAAUGGGH!  FIRE!  AGAIN!  must . . . roll away . . . from precious . . . research . . .

[There is a thumping sound as Klarth stops, drops, and rolls out of his room and down several flights of stairs.]

((3% from Memory Raffle used on the names and appearances of his first three party members.  1% from Tanabata used on the resurrection of Yggdrasil.  9% memory regain total.  Klarth has received the Sorceror's Ring, which shoots energy that tends to set things on fire and which should be familiar to some of the other Tales characters.))
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A-At long last! I have nearly completed my goal!

Now behold! The fusion of supreme intelligence, craftsmanship, and art -- The Magic Cannon!

Here goes no --





Feb. 4th, 2009 08:03 pm
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 -- cannot be forgiven, D -- ! . . .

. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ah.

Huh.  This is . . . interesting.  I suppose it could be worse.  Amnesia in the middle of a volcano.  Or the ocean.  Somehow, I’m just not really all that surprised.  I've definitely done something like this to myself before.  But never mind.  That's not the issue right now – First step is finding out just where I am.  This book in my hand -- maybe it can tell me something.  . . . Too dark to read, though.  So!  Guess my only option is to start walking.  I'll need to get out of these woods somehow, after all.

Ah-hem.  *cough*

Left foot forward.  Right foot forward.  Step.  Step.  Step. 

And again.  Again. 

Again . . . . .

. . .

. . .

Hey.  Look here.  I'm not narrating everything I'm doing for the fun of it.  That’s for people who’ve totally lost their minds, and all that's missing from this brilliant piece of work are the memories.  This thing is obviously a communication device.  Now is someone going to respond anytime soon or am I going to have to sleep out here tonight?  If it’s the latter, you'd better hurry on up and say something so I can start making a shelter out of leaves and . . . barks . . . and things.  I’m an expert in outdoor survival, you know!


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