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A-At long last! I have nearly completed my goal!

The impossibility of ever making sense of the island's conglomeration of magic initially seemed an insurmountable obstacle; there were far too many cultures and worlds to accommodate. It hardly seemed as if there was even a system at all! Working towards a solution from this angle, of course, eventually proved to be nothing more than an extremely frustrating headache; one would have to eventually account for every single known world's system if one wished to reroute the currents as one desired -- But lo! Upon rethinking my initial analysis of the entire project, a single point jumped out at the brilliant mind of Klarth. The indiscriminatory nature of this magic! It had been noted previously that those with absolutely no previous magical aptitude could simply take a scroll and perform the most elementary of magical feats without so much as breaking a sweat. Though I had somehow managed to miss it before, the obvious conclusion drawn would be that the source of magic upon this island -- perhaps a stream of mana hidden either high above the island or below, or perhaps simply a new source as of yet undocumented in the texts -- did not flow from being to being as I had previously thought! Instead, it seems obvious now that each being can tap into the source individually, and it was only after he had done so that the magic would convert to the system he was most familiar with. Rather than a long, intertwined chain of mana running throughout, each person was free to dip into this stream, a far more efficient system! Going on this principle, it was hardly difficult at all to tap into this stream myself!

Now behold! The fusion of supreme intelligence, craftsmanship, and art -- The Magic Cannon!

Here goes no --




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